Supports businesses to be data-driven organizations through integrate and configure a variety of tools and knowledges to help clients use data for business improvements in various industries.
ratio of customers that return to do business at your company

Prediction of customers churn and Increase Retention rate

A minor tweak in retention could have a major impact on profits, Technostream delivers a customized solution using state of art AI technologies which predicts potential churn clients and help you increase retention.

Fraud Detection

Technostream evolved different machine-learning supported solutions to detect assess and prevent fraud in many fields such as insurance, banks and credits, Telecommunication, healthcare and e-commerce.
Data analysis techniques for fraud detection
Market segmentation

Customer Segmentation

With Technostream accurate costumer segmentation solution you can address each customer in the most effective way using machine learning models.

Social Media Content Analysis

Understand your audience and other social media users, analyze and get insights and more! in Technostream we use Natural Languages Processing and machine learning to provide wide range of options allow you to hear the crowed voice about your business, your competitors and your products, accordingly we get ideas for you to evolve and meet client satisfaction. Supported languages: English, French and Arabic
Social Media Content Analysis
Intelligent Hospital Management System (IHMS)

Intelligent Handset Management System IHMS

IHMS is system built and developed by Technostream to allow the governmental authorities and societies to secure and control the cell-phones market and enhance the quality of telecommunication service provided.
All the parties involved of telecommunication services get benefits of IDMS:
  • Public Treasury: IHMS allows the government to stop the cell-phones custom and taxes evasion and increase the revenue for the public treasury by stopping the smuggling and fraud.
  • Police: IHMS helps the police to reduce the cell-phones theft crimes to the minimum rates.
  • Citizens: protect the citizens from untrusted or fake cell-phones.

ICT solutions and services

Technostream is proud of its long experience with its global partners in ICT, as it provides:
  • Network rollout services.
  • RAN planning services.
  • Hybrid DC power solutions.
ICT solutions and services